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mercredi 7 avril 2010


voilà un p'tit aperçu de mon nouveau produit qui sera disponible vendredi chez Scrap Matters
here is a little sneak peek at my new goodies, available on friday at Scrap Matters

le thème en est la famille
racontez-moi quelque chose sur votre famille, ce que vous voulez, et vous aurez une chance de le gagner au moment de sa sortie en boutique

this kit is about family
so if you'd like to win it, tell me something about your family, it can be anything you want to share
I'll pick a winner on friday when the kit is released on shop

6 commentaires:

Eni a dit…

thanks for the chance to win!

family means everything for me:
Love, understanding, help, conciliation, feeling of security
and 1000s of reasons to live!

Marisa Lerin a dit…

I love my family and I miss them! I wish I could see them more often, but they live on the other side of the world (Korea->Slovenia->USA).

DoggiNo a dit…

My family ... weird people ! Love to be round them, but I am always glad to go home again and just be with my husband, nice and quiet.

Danielle a dit…

Just starting my own family. Me and my man are expecting our first baby 25th of april! Counting down the days and can't wait to just be family..

latoquee a dit…

Ah, la famille, que dire ? c'est toute ma vie.
Je viens de mettre coucher la perle de ma vie et je prépare maintenant quelques pages de scrap pour mon mariage avec l'homme de ma vie cet été.
Tu l'auras compris, la famille, c'est l'essentiel pour moi.
Félicitations pour ce kit qui a l'air très joli.

Alyna a dit…

Your new kit looks beautiful!
I grew up in a large family. We have some interesting personalities in the group. I always felt like Zazu on The Lion King when he says, "There's one in every family, sire. Two in mine, actually." But regardless of the crazy ones I still love them all!